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Psychology Test Reveal Your True Personality

Получилась  персона,   очень  похожая  на  меня.

Psychology Test Reveal Your True Personality:

You have an extremely adaptive, robust personality that alters to fit the people around you. This makes you perfect in social situations, where you know how to avoid a conversation if you feel like it, or simply don't bother if you do not care. At times you can be extremely happy at a party with friends,or family, but you can also relish in some alone-time with your books, bed and thoughts. Despite being pretty confident and ambitious, you can also be indecisive and confused. You may often find yourself getting lost in your thoughts, but when things need to get done, you give it your all and always deliver. You're the kind of person who people find hard to read, and that is probably because you know that sometimes its best that not everyone knows the real you.
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